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1970s Inspired: I am Flare

Not many people are fond of the flare pant trend, others are completely in love with it and just unsure how to style it. Either way it’s back in style. Here I will show you the way I simply style a pair of classic black flare plants to create a day to night minimalistic look.

Stand Out

Flares are made to stand out and even though it’s not a must-follow rule, flare pants are definitely recommended to be worn with high heels. Even if the heel is not so high, the objective is to create height which allows the pants to flow gracefully. Wearing flares with heels of any kind will make your legs look long, toned, and refined.

Avoid Flats?

You should steer clear of flats, sneakers, flip flops, and other shoe with a similar style when trying to achieve a clean look. Flat shoes paired with flare pants will bunch up the bottom hem and make it look like you are too short for the flared trousers. It may also look a bit too casual, a bit too young and just way too dull.

Own Your Look

I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something cool, comfortable, urban and retro looking. The unique thing about this look is the sophisticated-chic appearance that is created thanks to their snug and leg defining fit. I am pretty sure that this look will become one of your favorites in due time. There are plenty of solid colors, quirky prints, and body amplifying fabrics to try. Don’t forget to own it!

Outfit Ideas

Here I created a few different looks that I think you’ll enjoy trying and look good while doing so. Which is your favorite look?

Thanks for reading! Is this style one you’d love to wear? If yes- how would you wear it? If you’ve enjoyed reading this post and found it helpful, please leave a comment below. Thank you!

Couture Customs: ZayasWardrobe

My stylist journey has just begun & I am soooo excited to share it with you all.I worked with an amazing designer & met an outstanding group of models, I couldn’t be more appreciative for the opportunity!

There’s something so insanely enjoyable about a one-of-a-kind couture creation that exists, not as something that’s just functional or practical by any means, but as a subject of beauty. Working with ZayasWardrobe demonstrated beyond extraordinary designs that have the power to make us weep with joy and excitement.

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Is this style one you’d love to wear? If yes- how would you wear it? Let me know below in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!