Who is Mocha Chalon?

Miss Mocha Chalon

I am a 21 year old fashion enthusiast. Before graduating high school, I realized my true passion lied within fashion and inspiring women and men to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams. Not knowing how to create a lifestyle that incorporated both these aspects, I stayed trapped in my 4-2 for another year. Overcome with fear, frustration and discouragement, one day I decided enough was enough! I wanted to be proactive about pursuing my dreams and becoming a better version of myself – bold, fearless and passionate. I started investing in myself, inwardly and outwardly, not to reflect who I was, but who I aspired to be. I felt my confidence grow, clarity increase and passion ultimately rise! Now an accomplished Personal Stylist, I absolutely love working with women – inspiring them to be bold, fearless and passionate. To discover their unique style, their voice and their inner strength. To intentionally use their style to their advantage and not passively to their detriment. Style isn’t simply a matter of outward appearance or keeping up with the latest trends. Getting it right stimulates that special confidence and strength needed to pursue your dreams, fulfil purpose, and live your best life NOW!

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