3 Ways to Style a Button-Up

There is one reason why women often feel like they have a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear. That reason is, not knowing how to style. There’s nothing like a solid button-up shirt; their cool, classic, and fits just about any personal style.

While it’s not the first time I’ve styled my shirt the “wrong way”. That is, back-to-front and it definitely won’t be my last.


If you don’t know how to style, even if you have all the clothes in the world, it will never be enough.

Styling is an art that can be learned. The first step is understanding your body type and knowing what suits you. Once you know that then the rest of it is pretty simple.

Button-down shirts can be styled in three different ways; casual, smart-casual and formal. Every time I think of what to wear, those three styles are part of my thought process. Am I going for a casual, smart-casual or formal look?

Customizing what’s already in your wardrobe is a great way to make something feel new and exciting again without having to spend.

Here are 3 Ways to Save Money Styling a single Button-Down shirt: 

Back to Front

  1. Wear your shirt back to front.

  2. Fasten the first 4-5 buttons.

  3. Leave the rest of the buttons open to expose your back at your level of comfortability.

  4. Add a statement necklace to define the new front of the shirt.

Simple . Chic. Sleek.

Strapless Shirt

  1. Unbutton your buttons.

  2. Take your arms out of both sleeves.

  3. Tie both sleeves at the front or back to create a bow/ribbon like effect.

Fun. Sexy. Stunning.

Off the Shoulder Blouse

  1. Fasten the middle button, leaving the first 2-4 of the top and bottom buttons undone.

  2. Fold the top of your shirt down the shoulders. You can choose to roll your sleeves up or allow them to flow naturally.

  3. Create a wrap effect with the bottom of your shirt by tucking it into your shorts, pants, or shirt.

Casual. Cute. Cool.

Thanks for reading! Is this style one you’d love to wear? If yes- how would you wear it? If you’ve enjoyed reading this post and found it helpful, please leave a comment below. Thank you!

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