Trend Alert: White Mules

Although it may be too early for open-toe styles in most places, mules offer a covered-up yet more appropriate option ideal for the climate transition as spring sets in.

Mules are high-fashion slip-on shoes with an open back that exposes the heel without ankle straps! Due to their design they are not only comfortable but STYLISH AS HELL! What mules lack in sex appeal they make up for in cool factor.

Mules look obsessively trendy if paired with the right outfit. I love my mules because they’re versatile, comfortable, and I just think they look chic overall.

They also have a definite ’70s vibe to them, which I’m really feeling right now. But I can see how they might be intimidating to wear. They have a very distinct shape to them, and it might seem like there’s only a certain way to wear them, but that’s not true!

Whether you’re looking for a pair of backless flat mules, block heeled mules, wedge mules or stiletto mules or whatever these may be perfect for you to wear this summer/spring.

Is this style one you’d love to wear? If yes- how would you wear it? Let me know below in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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