Floral Frenzy

Today I wanted to make a statement in an elegant yet understated way. A floral frenzy is exactly how to put a fun twist on popular styles. Nothing makes an impression quite like a statement piece!
Peony Pop
Here I styled this trend into a late-night casual outfit. The floral pussy bow blouse and dark acid wash mom jeans will make a statement together on their own. They will look better,though,  when worn together with this metallic blue cropped puffer jacket. Beyond the metallics is a flowery pop. The iconic textured- leather shoulder bag and mirrored ankle boots matches perfectly and adds another pop of interest!

Fiery Flirt

This curled sleeve  knitting button up red coat screams irresistible. It could easily be worn with all black attire, but to add some oomph, I paired a dark floral skirt and lighter tones in the form of a intricate floral-lace bodysuit. These bliss flower leather combat boots adds casualness while adding a pop of pattern. To allow for the outfit to feel more relaxed, adding a red CK curled leather bag and a pair of over sized flip-up sunglasses will do just the trick!

Mystic Powers
What. A. Coat. This long retro patterned trench coat is a one of a kind. Paired with an all black leather catsuit, this trench stands out as the outfits main focus, which we want it to be. To add a little extra flare, the small shoulder clutch goes nicely with the Steve Madden slamming boot stilettos to add a purple pop!




Is this style one you’d love to wear? If- yes how would you wear it? Comment below and share your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you!

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