3 Ways to Style a Button-Up

There is one reason why women often feel like they have a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear. That reason is, not knowing how to style. There’s nothing like a solid button-up shirt; their cool, classic, and fits just about any personal style.

While it’s not the first time I’ve styled my shirt the “wrong way”. That is, back-to-front and it definitely won’t be my last.


If you don’t know how to style, even if you have all the clothes in the world, it will never be enough.

Styling is an art that can be learned. The first step is understanding your body type and knowing what suits you. Once you know that then the rest of it is pretty simple.

Button-down shirts can be styled in three different ways; casual, smart-casual and formal. Every time I think of what to wear, those three styles are part of my thought process. Am I going for a casual, smart-casual or formal look?

Customizing what’s already in your wardrobe is a great way to make something feel new and exciting again without having to spend.

Here are 3 Ways to Save Money Styling a single Button-Down shirt: 

Back to Front

  1. Wear your shirt back to front.

  2. Fasten the first 4-5 buttons.

  3. Leave the rest of the buttons open to expose your back at your level of comfortability.

  4. Add a statement necklace to define the new front of the shirt.

Simple . Chic. Sleek.

Strapless Shirt

  1. Unbutton your buttons.

  2. Take your arms out of both sleeves.

  3. Tie both sleeves at the front or back to create a bow/ribbon like effect.

Fun. Sexy. Stunning.

Off the Shoulder Blouse

  1. Fasten the middle button, leaving the first 2-4 of the top and bottom buttons undone.

  2. Fold the top of your shirt down the shoulders. You can choose to roll your sleeves up or allow them to flow naturally.

  3. Create a wrap effect with the bottom of your shirt by tucking it into your shorts, pants, or shirt.

Casual. Cute. Cool.

Thanks for reading! Is this style one you’d love to wear? If yes- how would you wear it? If you’ve enjoyed reading this post and found it helpful, please leave a comment below. Thank you!

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Master of Monochrome: Rihanna in White

Wearing white in the hot season is anything but radical, yet remains a staple look. Rocking all white outfits is no easy task. It requires white or nude undergarments and here Rihanna demonstrates how to slay the season in all white.

Rihanna is the master of working a monochromatic look, especially in daring pure white. When it comes to fashion (or anything really) RiRi never fails to introduce us to a daring new trend or styling trick that makes each look appear effortless.

Texture your Monochrome

I believe that all white outfits are one of the chicest examples of monochrome dressing. When putting together a monochromatic look, make sure it’s everything but boring. Mix and match textures. Different fabrics add style while bring sophistication to the monochromatic look.

Match Your Whites

Let’s be very clear, there is more than one shade of white. We have winter white, pure white, off white, and many other tones but they don’t always complement each other. Do the shades work together or does one white look so bright that it makes the other almost look dirty? Be mindful of how your whites work together and most importantly have fun!

Here Rihanna slays in a white over-sized shirt over a cropped zip-up jacket, mini skirt and Tom Ford, Off-White “For Walking” boots, hoop earrings, and a diamond choker necklace.

Here Rihanna gives chic, cool girl vibes in white Palace sweats, Off-White boots, retro rounded sunglasses, and hoop earrings.

Do you see a style you’d love to wear? If yes- how would you wear it? Let me know below in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!!

Trend Alert: White Mules

Although it may be too early for open-toe styles in most places, mules offer a covered-up yet more appropriate option ideal for the climate transition as spring sets in.

Mules are high-fashion slip-on shoes with an open back that exposes the heel without ankle straps! Due to their design they are not only comfortable but STYLISH AS HELL! What mules lack in sex appeal they make up for in cool factor.

Mules look obsessively trendy if paired with the right outfit. I love my mules because they’re versatile, comfortable, and I just think they look chic overall.

They also have a definite ’70s vibe to them, which I’m really feeling right now. But I can see how they might be intimidating to wear. They have a very distinct shape to them, and it might seem like there’s only a certain way to wear them, but that’s not true!

Whether you’re looking for a pair of backless flat mules, block heeled mules, wedge mules or stiletto mules or whatever these may be perfect for you to wear this summer/spring.

Is this style one you’d love to wear? If yes- how would you wear it? Let me know below in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

Couture Customs: ZayasWardrobe

My stylist journey has just begun & I am soooo excited to share it with you all.I worked with an amazing designer & met an outstanding group of models, I couldn’t be more appreciative for the opportunity!

There’s something so insanely enjoyable about a one-of-a-kind couture creation that exists, not as something that’s just functional or practical by any means, but as a subject of beauty. Working with ZayasWardrobe demonstrated beyond extraordinary designs that have the power to make us weep with joy and excitement.

Want couture? Need couture? Am couture? Shop Now & Get 20% off your entire purchase!

Is this style one you’d love to wear? If yes- how would you wear it? Let me know below in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

The Leopard Pop

Get noticed from morning to night in leopard print mules. This sexy animal print goes with everything, and it’s the easiest way to make a bold statement with your style. You can count on this classic print to add a polished and stylish vibe to outfits. That’s why I just can’t get enough of it.

Still not confident you can pull off this standout pattern? Trust me. Wearing leopard shoes is the easiest way to add a print to your look without it feeling like too much. Whether you pair it with an all-black outfit for an extra oomph of sexy or style it with geometric designs for an eclectic look, this print will always give a flirty vibe to every outfit.

Keep in mind that leopard also pairs well with a variety of colors—like bold red, soft neutrals, and earth tones. So upgrade your street-style look this season and rock a pair of leopard print shoes!

Is this style one you’d love to wear? If yes- how would you wear it? Let me know below in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

Bold as Red

Feeling down? I suggest throwing some red into you’re day. There’s a power behind the color red that gives me the strength and courage to boss up from minor setback situations.

In fashion red is sometimes viewed as a courtesy to a woman’s sexual power, or a kind of personal braveness. When worn head-to-toe, red turns up the volume. It leans towards romance, glamour and character. This Forever 21, anorak red jogger set creates a fiery yet energetic feel.

Red is bold. I encourage everyone to keep the dice rolling and stand out in total confidence this year.

The Ultimate Guide to Yellow

None the less, you’ve noticed the drastic change in dominating color. Last year, rose gold and blush were on the rise while all shades of yellow are being blossomed. This year we live in color!

I recently taught myself how to dress bright even on my darkest days. Yellow for example reminds me of lemons. Yes lemons are sour but as the saying goes, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” And that’s exactly what I’ve been practicing. No matter what I’m feeling, I can’t let it outshine or overpower what I’m doing and how I’m moving.

I believe that even on your most basic styled days, adding a pop of color will instantly give you trendsetter points in the fashion world. The brightness of yellow is enough to make you stand out in any crowd. Be sure to be careful with it though. Avoid wearing too much yellow and if you decide that you want to wear a lot of yellow, accessorize responsibility and simply.

Here Beyoncé

Here Zendaya

Here Kendall Jenner

Here I was inspired and recreated my own yellow pop of color look.

Is this style one you’d love to wear? If yes- how would you wear it? Share your thoughts below in the comments, I’d love to hear you!